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05 December 2008 @ 01:15 am
friends only. ♥

25 November 2007 @ 09:57 pm
Hi everybody~
I've decided to just ignore my graphics account and instead post all my graphics on here. :3 Just less of a hassle that way. So~! Here are a few icons and a mood theme for you all!

{ icons x 34 }
    Kamei Eri x 04
    Matsuura Aya x 03
    Takahashi Ai x 03
    Tanaka Reina x 02


Bonkyu Bonkyu BOMB GIRL!Collapse )

Of course, comments are very much loved but never necessary... however, credit is! ♥

Oh, and if you're feeling daring, you ought to friend me~ ;3 (But if you want me to friend you back leave a comment in the friends only post~)
Current Mood: groggygroggy
Current Music: misono - 個人授業
26 May 2007 @ 07:57 pm
[mood| silly]
[music| Go Girl~恋のヴィクトリー~ - Morning Musume]

...had to make a Japanese crack. >_> *points at title*
But yeeeah. I feel like sticking my entire playlist in here. So I will~!
If you want anything, drop me a comment and I'll upload it for you. :3 Not sure which songs aren't in .mp3...

Gotta give many kudos to Charmi over at HKK for uploading so many songs~ <3 Thank you very much!


But other than that, life has been kinda slow lately. I recently came down with a nasty cold that just WON'T go away. D: But... whatever. Work load has lightened up a bit as we head into finals... at least, for me. History Day is almost completely out of the way, save for my backboard (I almost put baby o_o XDD), which shouldn't be too hard.
...I suddenly really want to play The Sims 2. .___.

So, how's everybody been lately? Not many people comment, but I suppose that's 'cause I'm dead a good amount of the time. XD Anything new? ♥
16 May 2007 @ 11:15 pm
[mood| okay]
[music| Go Girl~恋のヴィクトリー~ - Morning Musume]

A lot of my time has been devoted to this play.
Fortunately it goes up Friday, though, and I'm really really excited.
By the way: stage makeup = so much fun but a pain in the butt to take off.

I'm just ready for summer. x_x Only about a month left... I consider my last day to be the 18th since I don't go to school on the official last day. 8D You don't really have to.

This summer is going to be seriously amazing. I'm planning on losing a lot of weight this summer and I'm sticking to that plan... which means...
I'm going to need a lot of things to do to keep my mind off eating. XD My problem is boredom = eating. I guess I'll be doing a lot of reading this summer.
Oh, and running everyday. I did that for a couple weeks last summer and saw a pretty big difference. It was like, wow. I CAN do this.
Just talking about it is getting me pumped. XD
But yeah. Not really looking forward to finals or anything of the sort. It's hard to believe there's only about 4 weeks left of school. That's crazy.
HOLY CRAP. 23 more days left of school?! 22 for me, I guess, but DUDE. THAT'S CRAZY. Before you know it, school will be out, good GOD.

But anyway. I haven't been updating much since I've been so busy. You know, end of the school year, chaos, finals, etc.
I HAVE to do good on my Lit final. I'm already in danger of failing. x___x

So yes. Just wanted to verify my living... ness. <3
01 February 2007 @ 08:59 pm
[mood| sleepy]
[music| Happy Night - Morning Musume]

Hey guys! Sorry it's been so long since I last wrote. ^^; I've had my internet back for a while, though. Just been a tad busy.

Anyway, does anybody have any idea/guess about how old you have to be to get into the Colin and Brad Show? I'm seriously considering buying tickets, but I'm only 15... do you think I'd still be able to go if I went with an adult?

Besides, I really want to meet Colin and Brad and get autographs! God, I would DIE right there. D: They're two of my IDOLS. Comedic geniuses. ♥