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Those are your function buttons, for the robot.

They look like nipples.

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heather, 16, senior ♫ female ♫ blonde ♫ white as bleached socks ♫

likes to pretend she's outgoing ♫ shy ♫ doesn't have a collection ♫

has personal space issues but loves to give hugs ♫ eyes change

colour ♫ uses the british 'u' ♫ thinks capitalization is unnecessary but

abuses caps lock ♫ wants to travel and become fluent in a second

language ♫ has a sister she loves dearly ♫ has a crappy immune

system ♫ wants to become a better cook ♫ is a terrible cook ♫ has a

love for rings ♫ is having an affair with her debit card ♫ is awful at

parking ♫ likes to pretend she's devoted to weight loss ♫ sings in

foreign languages ♫ likes obscure bands ♫ procrastinator ♫ is baffled

about her future ♫ likes treasure hunting in thrift stores ♫ has taken a

liking to reading ♫ likes candles ♫ would rather do her friends'

homework before hers ♫ hates cloudy days ♫ loves the rain ♫ would

like to be a pilot ♫ would like to be an astronaut ♫ wants to write a

novel ♫ wants to finish her comic ♫ wants to live in boston ♫ does not

want to go to work ♫ does not want to clean ♫ has never been kissed

♫ has too many goals ♫ is an aspiring artist ♫ picks up dance moves

quickly ♫ secretly aspires to be a fag hag ♫ likes purples and yellows

♫ takes pictures of everything ♫ will be your friend.